Most Important Features Of VigRX Plus


VigRX Plus has been formulated from ingredients which have been extracted from herbal plants and is generally considered safe as you can read in any VigRX plus review around the web.

The supplement mainly aims at increasing the size of your penis by drawing in more blood and improving the blood flow to your sexual organs. However, people suffering from diabetes, heart diseases, high cholesterol levels or high blood pressure should consult a doctor to get permission for using this particular drug or not.


Damiana and Muira Pauma are two natural aphrodisiacs which are used in VigRX Plus. Ginkgo leaf and Epimedium leaf improve sexual reception, while Asian Red Ginseng improves the erection. Saw Palmetto Fruit doubles up as a strong sexual stimulant along with an aphrodisiac.

Catuaba bark increases the libido level. Hawthorn fruit relaxes the arterial vessels and is also a good anti-oxidant. Bioperine is the most important ingredient as it increases the absorption rate of all the other ingredients of VigRX Plus. Bioperine is responsible for optimizing the supplement and increasing the overall functionality of it.


VigRX Plus improves the sexual experience of a man in many ways. It leads to the development of a healthy sex life. However, since there are no chemicals involved in the drug, it can take around 4 to 8 weeks to actually notice its effects. However, the result of the natural ingredients of the body is permanent but it takes a while to recover the body from its ailments.

There are many chemical sex enhancement pills in the market which can provide an instant solution for erectile dysfunctions, however, their effect is temporary and the person using them might grow an addiction towards it.

VigRX Plus consists of ingredients which are natural aphrodisiacs and libido enhancers, and provide a healthier alternative to chemical medicines. In fact, tests done within the Human Clinical Test center shows that VigRX Plus is one of its kinds.

Clinical Studies

Many VigRX reviews and analyzed research conducted on 75 men, varying in age between 25 and 50 years, showed that VigRX Plus is capable of delivering results.

The test subjects were given a dose of two pills for 12 continuous days, and comparison between the first and the last day shows that on an average, most men could hold their erection more by 62.82 percent, there was a 59.95 percent increase in capability to permeate their companions, and 22.49 percent increase of orgasmic pleasure.

Their need to indulge in sexual activities was boosted by 47 percent, a 71.43 percent increase in erection frequency and improved sexual satisfaction by 61 percent.

The Human Clinical Test thus concluded that men witness noteworthy improvements within 84 days of regular use of the natural drug. According to Dr. Steven Lamm, a faculty member and practicing internist at the New York University Medical Center.

The manufacturers have combined the right natural ingredients to create a powerful drug which improves the sexual efficiency of men in all spheres. He also added that chemical medications can only treat or block the symptoms temporarily, however, VigRX Plus has the capability to cure a dysfunction for a long time.

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